50 RWA Projects Poised for 20-100x Growth in the 2024 Bull Run Cycle
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50 RWA Projects Poised for 20-100x Growth in the 2024 Bull Run Cycle

According to renowned crypto analyst Immortal, 50 projects in the Real World Assets (RWA) sector are set to experience a 20-100x price appreciation during this upcoming bull market.

In this article, we will explore the various sectors within the RWA space and highlight the projects that Immortal believes have the greatest potential for growth.

DeFi Sector

The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) sector has been a major driving force behind the growth of the cryptocurrency market in recent years. Within the RWA space, several DeFi projects are poised for significant gains, including:

  • $HIFI
  • $HTR
  • $SCLP
  • $REQ
  • $XVS
  • $RSR
  • $SNX
  • $MKR
  • $OMAX

These projects aim to revolutionize traditional financial services by providing decentralized alternatives that offer greater accessibility, transparency, and security.

Web 3 Sector

The Web 3 sector, which focuses on the development of a decentralized internet, is another area where RWA projects are expected to thrive. Some of the most promising projects in this sector include:

  • $ERN
  • $DEXTF
  • $LCD
  • $OGY
  • $EKTA
  • $ACQ
  • $VEXT
  • $OPUL
  • $WAG

These projects are working towards building a more open, collaborative, and user-centric web, where individuals have greater control over their data and online experiences.

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Layers Sector

The Layers sector encompasses projects that are building infrastructure and scaling solutions for blockchain networks. According to Immortal, the following projects in this sector have the potential for significant growth:

  • $LTO
  • $SCPT
  • $LSK
  • $XEP
  • $XDC
  • $AZERO
  • $XCH

These projects are focused on improving the scalability, interoperability, and efficiency of blockchain networks, enabling them to support a wider range of applications and use cases.

Networks Sector

The Networks sector includes projects that are building decentralized networks and protocols for various purposes, such as data storage, communication, and computation. Some of the most promising projects in this sector include:

  • $NXRA
  • $LMR
  • $CANTO
  • $DUSK
  • $CHEX
  • $POLYX
  • $OM
  • $RIO
  • $HASH

These projects aim to create more resilient, secure, and censorship-resistant networks that can support a wide range of decentralized applications and services.

Real Estate Sector

The Real Estate sector is a particularly exciting area within the RWA space, as it seeks to tokenize and democratize access to real estate investments. According to Immortal, the following projects in this sector are set for significant growth:

  • $HIFI
  • $PRO
  • $PRCL
  • $UBXS
  • $ELAND
  • $LABS
  • $CRE
  • $PROPC

These projects are leveraging blockchain technology to create more efficient, transparent, and accessible real estate markets, enabling investors to participate in a wider range of opportunities with lower barriers to entry.

Other Notable Projects

In addition to the sectors mentioned above, Immortal has identified several other RWA projects that have the potential for significant growth in the upcoming bull run cycle. These include:

  • $BTM
  • $UNO
  • $HZN
  • $P3D
  • $RBN
  • $NPT
  • $APE
  • $CGO

These projects span a wide range of use cases and industries, showcasing the diversity and potential of the RWA space.

As the cryptocurrency market prepares for the 2024 bull run cycle, the Real World Assets sector is poised for explosive growth. With 50 projects identified by analyst Immortal as having the potential for 20-100x price appreciation, investors have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the emerging trends and innovations within the RWA space.

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