As eBay Feels the Heat, Pushd’s E-Commerce Platform Sees an Influx of Tron & Aave Investors Eager for Returns

Maybe the crypto market is trying to push upward, but it has been in corrective behavior for the last two months. Major cryptos, including Tron and Ave, are down significantly, with Tron down more than 25% and Ave down more than 50% from their respective 52-week highs.

When this correction started, some Tron and Aave investors began investing in the new decentralized e-commerce platform Pushd. It is now in the sixth stage of the presale, and more and more Tron and Aave investors are pouring money into it.

Signs of Reversal for TRON?

The whole crypto market is trying for reversal, with Bitcoin taking support on the $60,000 level and up 2.88% on 22 April. Sentiments in Tron also look alike; after taking support from $0.110, it is now trading above its 10-day moving average.

The next important resistance level may be the descending trendline, which the price has been following since the start of the correction. Some crypto experts say it may be just a dead cat bounce and the price can remain in a downtrend for a long time. Affected by all the volatility, Tron investors are aggressively shifting to Tron.

Aave Up More Than 7% This Week

Since mid-March, it has been a bad ride for the Aave investors. According to its 52-week high, Aave has been down more than 50%. But this week, it relieved investors when Aave soared more than 7%, from $90.75 to $99.05.

Aave is trading above its 10-day moving average and near its 20-day moving average, which can work as immediate resistance for the price. Also, the next major resistance is at the $105 level. On the downside, $80 is acting as a strong support level.

Pushd To Transform The Way We Shop Online

Pushd is changing the online marketplace space, giving a fresh alternative to big players like Amazon and eBay. The edge Pushd is playing with is decentralization, which means no centralized governance. Instead, Pushd lets buyers and sellers connect directly, making transactions smoother.

What sets Pushd apart is its unique benefits, such as its focus on keeping your info private and skipping the hassle of ID checks. For sellers, listing items will be easy. There’s a range of payment options, plus a swap service for converting currencies in a snap.

Also, they’re rolling out extras like a debit card, a rewards program and a way for token holders to decide the platform’s future. In a nutshell, Pushd is changing the game, offering a more user-friendly and secure marketplace for everyone involved.Find out more about the Pushd presale at their official website.

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