Palworld Developers Secretly Give a Glimpse at ‘Adorable’ New Pal Variant Coming to the Game
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Palworld Developers Secretly Give a Glimpse at ‘Adorable’ New Pal Variant Coming to the Game

Palworld, the successful and epic adventure by Pocketpair developer, continues to entertain players all around the globe with its outgrowing world of pals and thrilling updates. The game already has more than 100 pals found in its vast paldeck, and fans can hardly wait for the developers to announce proper and exciting additions that tease the upcoming release. Joining the slew of surprises is a glimpse of the cuteness embodied in the new spinoff of the always-loved ice cone, Chillet, which has been giving the gaming community much anticipation.

A look into the Palworld future

Image source Palworld page X (formerly Twitter)

The developers of Palworld are celebrating 100 days since the game’s release and the community has cumulatively put in playtime of almost 1.3 billion hours—an awesome milestone of its growing and ever-present popularity. Interestingly, the public celebration of the Palworld feast was followed by the organizers directly posting an intriguing photo on their official Palworld_EN Twitter account. While the focus was on showcasing in-game milestones, keen-eyed fans spotted something special hidden within the image: the upcoming Chillet variant is being showcased to whet the consumer’s appetite.

The picture includes pals being next to each other in an intimate setting while miniature figurines suggest something new coming out in the Palworld universe. The revelation has fueled fans’ imagination and it is now proven that Chillet does have a Flame variant which the community is fondly calling ‘Grillet’.

The adorable pink variant unveiled

As predicted, the flame Chillet retains its warmth that has played a part in capturing the hearts of Ice Pal fans all over the world. By using a vibrant pink color that symbolizes its fiery character, this new iteration promises to give the game a new perspective, enriching its eclectic roster of characters. The remarkable difference between the traditional blue hue of Chillet and the blazing pink color of its flaming counterpart has received a widespread good response from the community.

Social media responses mirror the way many players feel when faced with the expression of their love for the adorable pink Chilllet. User responses like “How could Chillet ever get any cuter?” and “It’s cute to the ultimate level!” affirm Chillet’s popularity as a new addition to the Palworld family. Question about the meaning of the pink i.e. whether it is a female version of the earlier model, makes everyone wonder more when they are waiting for it to come out.

Expecting the arrival

While the actual release date of the new Chillet variant might still be unknown, the excited fans can relax knowing it is not too far ahead. With Pocketpair’s strong dedication to adding new updates and free content extensions, the players should be happy about the coming of ‘Grillet.’ Days are ticking before the summer update comes into place, while the hype moves up as the fire elemental companion will be integrated with the expanding world of Palworld.

Now, with the palworld presentation of the vast array of pals, and the dynamic gameplay experience, the game becomes even more engaging than before. This cute pink variant Chillet shows that the developer of Pocketpair views its fans’ continued support as a responsibility to maintain the excitement level of their game. Through the roadmap, fans will be given the taste of game updates, patches and more entertaining news.