Exchange Growth Fuels Bullish Momentum For Bitgert Coin Price – NewsDug

In the crypto market, investing early in a coin is the best way to utilize opportunities while others are second-guessing. This is an opportunity that an altcoin, called Bitgert, presents. This coin can turn an amount as little as $10 into $1000 in a couple of months.

Following the post-halving, while Bitcoin price was slashed, other altcoins were still showing the effects of the bearish market. Bitgert has managed to stand tall. This has captured attention in the crypto market.

Let’s find out what the Bitgert rave is all about.

Bitgert BRISE: 100,000TPS At Near Zero Gas Fees

The Bitgert (BRISE) is a layer 1 blockchain user-friendly network designed for beginners. It was created to solve scalability and high fees. By leveraging blockchain technology, it was able to solve this, and put Bitgert in the spotlight, besting its competitors like Ethereum, Cardano, and Solana. 

Bitgert was able to employ a Proof of Authority mechanism (POA) which can run over 100,000 transactions per second (TPS) with near zero gas fees. Aside from that, following its launch in 2021, the Bitgert project has been able to amass over 40,000% bringing huge returns to early investors. It has a 30-day price which has risen to around 70%. With a trading volume of $2.7 million increase, Bitgert BRISE is unstoppable.

With a community of 600k members and collaborations with top organizations like Coin Telegraph, Kucoin,, and many more, the adoption has further cemented its credibility and popularity. Coins like BEFE can now be hosted on the Bitgert blockchain, where users can stake on the token and earn rewards.

BRISE Rises To 80% Surpassing Expectations 

The Bitgert BRISE coin has surpassed expectations and is expected to have a high potential for an increase in the coming months. With defying narratives and trends, it went up to a whopping 80%. Bitgert is now on bullish momentum in 2024.

Using a deflationary model, burns up 12% of its supply in circulation. This reduces supply and increases demand for the BRISE coin. Market analysis performance is also on a major upswing as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is reading over 60. The moving average convergence is also above the line, and all these points to a strong buy signal for the coin.

With all these facts, there are predictions that Bitgert is going to further blow minds in the coming May. With its cutting-edge technology and promising features, the Bitgert BRISE has proved itself time and again

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