Magic Partners with Tezos to Ease dApp Onboarding – CM

The Tezos Foundation teams up with Magic to enhance the onboarding process for decentralized applications (dApps).

A recent announcement stated that this collaboration would utilize Magic’s wallet technology and Tezos’ blockchain infrastructure to improve the user experience, particularly by simplifying operations within Web3 applications.

Tezos collaboration with Magic

The collaboration between Magic and the network, funded by a grant from the Foundation, addresses critical issues within web3, including the simplification of user onboarding and the authentication process. Magic’s innovative wallet solution enables users to set up wallets effortlessly without needing seed phrases, downloads, or additional plug-ins, making it easier to access decentralized applications.

Furthermore, this partnership marks the network’s inclusion among the few blockchain platforms integrated with Magic, which is anticipated to significantly increase user engagement and application development.

Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman stated that expanding Magic’s support for Tezos will simplify the process for developers and creators to attract new users to their decentralized apps (dApps).

Breitman further commented on the synergy between both entities, saying that leveraging Tezos’s robust and scalable infrastructure and Magic’s user-friendly authentication and wallet solutions is paving the way for developers to craft decentralized applications that reach a broader audience.

The announcement revealed Magic’s emphasis on expansion and novelty could align well with Tezos’ dedication to security and scalability. This partnership boosts the general applicability of web3 technologies, encouraging wider acceptance in different industries.

 Magic’s co-founder and CEO, Sean Li, mentioned, “Like Magic, Tezos is security-focused and is onboarding the masses through trailblazing brands such as Ubisoft. Since day one, Magic has aimed to simplify the complexities of wallets for a multi-chain world. Today, we are excited to deepen our integration with Tezos and bring our ecosystems together, offering the best possible user experience to onboard the next billion users to Web3.”