NFT Marketplace Blur Has Launched On Blast L2 Network – Here’s More Details

Blur Crypto, a digital marketplace and non-fungible token market aggregator offering advanced analytics, has successfully launched on Blast, an Ethereum layer scaling network. Crypto traders and collectors can now trade Blast NFTs by switching chains on the Blur NFT marketplace.

In an April 30 blog post, Blur Crypto, the team behind Blur’s NFT market platform, confirmed introducing their NFT marketplace on the Blast Layer Two network. The integration will now allow traders to trade Blast-based non-fungible token collections and earn Blast points and gold.

Blur NFT Marketplace Explained

Launched in December 2022, Blur is a decentralized non-fungible token marketplace designed for professional traders. It offers unique capabilities, flexible creator royalties, and an advantageous fee structure. Furthermore, Blur NFT marketplace provides an impressive array of features and a competitive fee structure that sets it apart from other NFT marketplaces.

Blur has skyrocketed to become the number-one marketplace for the past year, outpacing other NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Magic Eden. Blur Crypto rose to the throne after focusing on high-volume traders rather than casual digital collectors.

To absorb more traders, Blur started rewarding its users by airdropping blur tokens to collectors who sold NFTs. The initial airdrop targeted those who traded NFTs in the previous six months, with care packages of varying rarity tiers distributed according to their trade value.

Blast Keeps On Gaining Mainstream Adoption

Since the Blur NFT marketplace is built on the Ethereum network and only supports the Ethereum blockchain, Tieshun Roquerre, the founder of the Blur NFT Market platform, thought of launching a competitive blockchain network, ‘Blast,’ to increase the NFT marketplace’s scalability.

Launched earlier this year, Blast is a Layer 2 blockchain network built on top of the Layer One blockchain, Ethereum, to assist it with scaling by handling some of the transaction load from the base-layer blockchains. Blur Crypto created the network to tackle the high transaction cost for digital assets by offering new trading instruments (NFT perps) and providing massive yield generation.

Blast Layer 2 network continues gaining massive adoption among traders and collectors. Since its inception, the blockchain network has seen more than 625,000 stETH worth over $2.1 billion, 354,000 DAI worth around $355 million, and 2,610 ETH worth around $8.8 million bridged.

Source:, Blast trading activities

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