Socially Recruited Acquires TJS Education to Enhance School Hiring

The TJS Education proactive approach, which has supported over 2,500 schools and educational institutions since the founding year of 2015, will be added to support the currently possible TJS Education consultancy in education recruitment, purchased by the AI-driven recruitment platform Socially Recruited, to support schools with modern AI technology in recruitment and staffing.

TJS Education has a track record of providing ease to the job of recruitment at educational institutions. Clients can find qualified personnel easily and in a cost-effective manner without advertising on job boards and educational publications through proactive recruitment on social media. Now, TJS Education clients will be able to leverage the power of Socially Recruited’s machine learning, which analyzes millions of data points to match candidates with specific roles automatically. This might make schools better placed for an exact and effective hiring process with such comprehensive analysis.

Leadership and expansion into the public sector

Gareth Thyer-Jones, Socially Recruited: On joining Socially Recruited, TJS Education Ltd managing director, and his 15-strong team of experts wanted to push for the growth of Socially Recruited in public sector recruitment, and education, with several thousand clients. Their existing network and experience will work hand in hand with the recruitment platform’s AI-powered functionalities.

According to Ben Keighley, founder of Socially Recruited, public sector employers too have similar challenges as private companies with costs in recruitment and the battle to win top talent. That way, it will be possible for Socially Recruited services to expand further into the public sector with faster and target-driven hiring campaigns that will reach the most suitable candidates at the right time.

The acquisition is seen as a strategic move to optimize the recruitment practices of public sector industries, starting with the education industry. With proactive strategies and machine learning tools from socially recruited, TJS education will introduce an all-new proactive approach to hiring for schools. This buyout does not only speak about the commitment of socially recruited to innovative solutions in recruitment but also calls for the urge to meet the challenges of the public sector. It will reshape the way through which institutions of learning find and recruit their staff through these advanced tools and a specialized team.