The TechBeat: How to Earn $1 Million With AWS in One Year (5/4/2024)

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## How to Earn $1 Million With AWS in One Year
By @gianpicolonna [ 5 Min read ]
Slash your AWS cloud costs by 90%! Learn 4 steps to optimize spending: challenge assumptions, tune resources, use Graviton instances, and monitor usage. Read More.

Checklist for FinTech Product Growth: Channels, Trends, and Tools

By @moscowgt [ 7 Min read ]
What metrics should be tracked and improved upon in FinTech products during the user acquisition, activation, and retention stages? Read More.

From Pre-Seed to Series A: Navigating the Key Stages of Product Development

By @moscowgt [ 10 Min read ]
The article showcases best practices for product development from pre-seed to Series A rounds, and describes what to pay attention to in your startup. Read More.

The Power of User Feedback in Product Development

By @moscowgt [ 10 Min read ]
The article describes using both direct and indirect feedback methods throughout the product development lifecycle. Read More.

Scaling Fintech Startups in 2024: Strategies and Challenges

By @moscowgt [ 6 Min read ]
The barriers for startups entering the Fintech industry are constantly increasing. Consider the strategies to gain a competitive advantage. Read More.

6 Critical Challenges of Productionizing Vector Search

By @rocksetcloud [ 6 Min read ]
Prepare for complexities of deploying vector search in production with insights on indexing, metadata filtering, query language, and vector lifecycle management Read More.

How to Customize Embedded Business Intelligence For Your Business

By @goqrvey [ 8 Min read ]
Choosing the right analytics solution is important for empowering users to access valuable insights without leaving your application. Read More.

Lumoz Supports Op Stack + ZK Fraud Proof, Initiating a New Paradigm in L2 Architecture

By @lumoz [ 3 Min read ]
Lumoz’s Modular Compute Layer has pioneered a new Layer 2 architecture model, filling the gap in the current market for a mixed solution of ZK and OP. Read More.

How Multiplatform Game Development Grows Your Audience: A Guide to Playing Globally

By @stepico [ 4 Min read ]
Game development for multiple platforms at once is key to winning over players globally and boosting your revenue. Learn how it’s done in the article. Read More.

AI Is Changing How Developers Learn: Here’s What That Means

By @fahimulhaq [ 7 Min read ]
AI-powered learning for software developers is here to stay. Here’s how we’re building the learning platform of the future at Educative. Read More.

Building Effective Modern Data Architectures with Iceberg, Tabular and MinIO

By @minio [ 7 Min read ]
Modern datalakes provide a central hub for all your data needs. However, building and managing an effective data lake can be complex. Read More.

Mastering Maps in Go: Everything You Need to Know

By @smokfyz [ 21 Min read ]
Learn about using maps in Go (golang), including associative arrays, hash maps, collision handling, and sync.Map, with practical code examples. Read More.

How I Boosted My Productivity While Working on Multiple Projects

By @alexkaul [ 4 Min read ]
Freeter is a free and open-source app that helps you organize your work. It lets you switch between multiple workflows in a single place. Read More.

How I Built a Redis-Compatible Pub/Sub System Using Golang

By @kelvinm [ 18 Min read ]
EchoVault’s Pub/Sub implementation aims to be compatible with Redis clients. This article is a brief description of how EchoVault implements the Pub/Sub module. Read More.

Mastering Product Engagement: Amplifying Interaction through Strategic Marketing (Part II)

By @rachelecarraro [ 5 Min read ]
Businesses can amplify the interaction between users and their tech product by leveraging strategic marketing. Here is how. Read More.

Never Rely on UUID for Authentication: Generation Vulnerabilities and Best Practices

By @mochalov [ 8 Min read ]
The risks and best practices of using UUIDs for authentication, uncovering vulnerabilities, and secure implementation strategies. Read More.

7 Ways to Make Use of Llama-3 for Free

By @naeomiee [ 4 Min read ]
Discover the power of LLaMA-3 without breaking the bank! Learn 7 ways to utilize this advanced AI model for free, from text generation to creative projects. Read More.

Is Google’s Search Ranking and AI Bias a Total Disaster? Let’s See What Google Gemini Thinks

By @egorkaleynik [ 5 Min read ]
Uncover the harsh truth behind search ranking. I’ve had a conversation with Google’s AI, Gemini, revealing ranking flaws where valuable content gets buried. Read More.

Why Integrating Low Resource Languages Into LLMs Is Essential for Responsible AI

By @konkiewicz [ 5 Min read ]
Discover how innovations in LLMs are revolutionizing support for low-resource languages, bridging linguistic gaps, and fostering inclusivity in AI inclusivity. Read More.

The Quietest in the Room: How Being Observant Cultivates Lifelong Success

By @benoitmalige [ 10 Min read ]
Discover how embracing silence and observance can transform your communication and open up a world of opportunities previously overshadowed by noise. Read More.
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